Geminid Meteor Shower Backpacking on Three Ridges

December 13-14, 2007

Stein Kretsinger, Ted Corcoran, and Greg Scharer

1st Rest Break - very humid, layer management challenging

Visibility very limited

Views from 2900ft Three Ridges Overlook

Stein and Ted

Stein and Ted


Ted and Greg

Ted and Stein below Chimney Rock

Ted and Stein at Monolith

Chimney Rocks

Greg in front of Monolith

Ted and Stein climbing final 16 switchbacks

Three Ridges South Summit Overlook




View toward Chimney Rock

Making Camp

Pre-dawn Meteorite Watching

Morning Colors

1st Cup of the day

Camp scene


Stein and Ted at sunrise

Ted and Greg

Overlooking Wintergreen Valley

Abe Froman

Chef Ted

Mac'n Cheese, Peperoni, Oatmeal, and Granola - Delicious!

Breaking camp

Three Ridges Summit Overlook at 8:35 EST

Hanging Rock Overlook

Stein, Ted, and Greg


Climbing Bee Mountain

Ted pointing out his cabin

Mau-Har Trail Scenery

Back at the AT

Three Ridges Map