Thanksgiving Farm Fest 2008, November 28, 2008

Pizza Lunch

Horses arrive

Carly checking out the horses

David and Linda (background)

Playing in the hay barn

Bodhi and Andie

Nicholas on the Storm

Max onlooking

Jordan leading

Max on the Storm

Linda, Max, and David

Two horses

Julian on the Storm

Wrist inspection

Harrison on Apache

Sam, Lilly, Michael, and Pat

Buck Island Hogs

Max on Apache

Sammy running

Max talking about riding horses

Moon Bounce

Hay ride

Glad to be off the hay ride

Ava and the hogs

Feeding the hogs

Feeding the sows

Back to the Moon Bounce

Pat and Michael

Sugermans and Scharers

Static heads

Julian and Nicholas and Leapfrog

Wendy giving a hand

Scharer family (courtesy Michael H.)

Blue nails

Max sad party is over

Max happy to put tractor away

Tractor driver

Class V hay riding