Scharers at Kitty Hawk, Saturday September 27, 2008

Pre-dawn surf

Max waiting for Mommy

Abstract Pier

Still rough surf

Birds on the Pier

Nicholas and Parrot Fish

Max at Breakfast

Nicholas at Breakfast

Max and the chair

High Cotton Exterior

Walking to the beach


Sea Cucumber?

More Damage

Max shell collecting


Big waves

Nicholas ready for action

Beautiful Lighting

Max at play

Nicholas riding waves

Max in the sand

Stretching Mommy

More fun with Mommy

Something for the tooth fairy

Heading back to the pool

Crab Catcher

Crab chaser

Nicholas Jumping

Max "Edging"

Family in the Pool

Relaxing in the room

Mommy and Max eating Pizza

Nicholas eating pizza

Still eating

Nicholas Reclining

Bed hoping

Building sand piles

Then stomping them

Nicholas burried in the sand

Back in the crab pool

Daddy with Max

Boys in the hot tub

Mako Mike's

"Shark Tank"

Sharks on the wall

Shark at the table

Fisherman's Platter

Mommy's mixed grill

Boys eating

Nicholas asleep at the table

Shark relief

Mommy, coffee

and the game room!

Crab friend

Back in the room