Bonner River House at Colonial Beach, 09-06-09

Bonners, Christophers, Statskos, and Scharers

McDonald's Playland en route

Bonner Beach House at Ghost Point

Getting ready on the beach

Crew heading to the boat

Nicholas and Wendy

Nicholas, Max, and Will on the boat

Sharing a laugh

Nicholas starting in the tube

Is that boat chasing Nicholas?

Nautical Max

Going fast

Greg on the boat

Max and Will getting started


Alexander Graham Bell House

Nicholas relaxing on the boat

Wendy with boys in background

Greg with boys in background

Doing donuts

Nicholas racking out

Marina and slips

Landing behind the Bonner house

Nicholas back in the water

Wendy, Will, and Max catching minnows

Eating crabs

Max feeding crab to Mommy

Lindsey and the hanging crab

Lane and Will

Max and Nicholas playing with the pinball game

Grilling ribs and hotdogs

Max striking a pose

Sun dropping in the sky

Max getting funnelator lessons

Successful first launch

Boys eating burgers

Evening beach view

Boys on the roof

Nicholas on the roof

Coffee on the roof

Dusk colors

Hanging out on the roof

Max on the way home

Nicholas reading before nodding off