Buck Island Mountain Camping

Setup 09/01-03, First Camping 09/04-05

Max, Nicholas, Wendy, and Greg Scharer

Buck Island Creek views, 09/01/09

Hunting for a campsite

Max in front of Buck Island Mountain, 09/02/09

Red Barn View

Max after work session

Max clearing sticks, 09/03/09

Max working on the fire pit

Purple fungus on a stick

Max checking out mushrooms

Mushroom detail

Max "cleaning" the creek

Wendy attempting to put Deet on Nicholas, 09/04/09

Path up Buck Island Mountain

Another trail view

Getting the fire going

Tending the fire

Relaxing by the fire

Cooking dinner

Max by the fire

Fire covered with dirt for the night

Camp prepared for night

Pre-dawn view, 09/05/09

Camp coffee

Fire ready for breakfast

Warming up by the fire

Abstract tent shot

Breakfast s'mores

Wendy and a s'more

New camp saw - only 9.5 ozs

Post camping Max

Cleaned up site

Left over fire wood