Camping by the Rivanna August 9-10, 2008

Max, Nicholas, Darian, Kingsley, Wendy, and Greg



Kingsley, Darian, Max, and Wendy

Max Dunking Nicholas


Helicopter over the river

Darian with Beaver Stick

Max in the weeds

Darian and Kingsley

Nicholas and Wendy

Heading back to the campsite

Max watching the fire

Nicholas and Max


High Tech Camping

Old Mill Building

Shots of Orange Soda

Cooking Hotdogs

Eating corn

Hotdogs and Corn on the fire

Sunset over the potty chair

Nearly sunset

Max and Daddy

Nicholas, Darian, and Max

Boys with Turkey Feathers


Cooking Marshmallows

Getting dark

Playing with lights

Heron in the mist

Sunrise over the Rivanna

Wall of old Mill Structure

Darian 1st out of the tent!

Max and Darian checking out the campfire

Breakfast before breaking camp