Azurat Music Festival

Scharer Family, July 4, 2009

Checking out the marshmellows and sticks

Max and Mommy setting up the tent

Lots of stuff

Nicholas and the campsite

Wendy and the port-a-potty

View from our tent of the music area

Rooster sculpture

More chicken themed art

Heading to the music

Crowd view

Inspecting the lunchable

Nicholas and the bonfire pit

Getting ready for Forrest Swope and the Free Union Band

Family pictures

Nicholas and Max

Forrest Swope and the Free Union Band

Playing in the grass

1st Marshmellows

Greg and Wendy (Nicholas photographer)

Nicholas dancing

Forrest Swope and the Free Union Band

Crowd scene

More crowd

Rusty Truck

Nicholas and Mommy

On a little bridge

Max and Nicholas by frog art

More Forrest Swope and the Free Union Band

Fanciest hat at the festival

Dinner by the tent


More icees!

View from the parking area

Max and Daddy

Max during Wes Swing show

Wes Swing and the start of the bonfire

Danceable band - kids loved them!!

Max (lower left) and sparkler

Nicholas and sparkler

Max and sparkler

Campsite in the rain

Wet tents

Sleepy family in the morning!

View from parking lot in the rain

Forrest Swope's tent with yellow dog chair

Max helping pack in the rain