Day 5: Back to the Summit and Descent

Curtis Gifford, Rob McGough, Dave Rapp, Paul Grewall, Nick Segalle, and Greg Scharer

Sunrise in the crater †

View from true summit †

Greg at dawn †

Cave entrance view ♥

View of camp from crater rim ◊

Dave and Paul on the summit ♦

Full Team on summit ♥

Paul's watch ◊

Dave and Paul ◊

Paul on the summit ◊

Greg during the descent towards Disappointment Cleaver ◊

Descending team ♥

Nisqualle Seracs ♥

View of Little Tahoma from above ◊

Approaching Disappointment Cleaver ♦

Emmons Glacier from DC ♥

Descending the DC ♥

View up Ingraham Glacier ♥

Little Tahoma from Ingraham Flats ‡

Rob, Paul, and Greg descending Ingraham ‡

Approaching Camp Muir ♥

Client and Guide cabins at Camp Muir ♦

Rainier ovew flowers †

Folliage Detail †

Curtis and Rainier ‡

Rob and the Mountain ‡

Paul wearing a dirt base layer ♦

Blackberry Pie at Copper Creek ♦

Celebration at Copper Creek ♦

Curtis after the climb †

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Curtis Gifford Photographer

♣ Rob McGough Photographer

♦ Dave Rapp Photographer

◊ Paul Grewall Photographer

♥ Nick Segalle Photographer