Day 3: Route Finding and Ice Climbing Practice Day

Curtis Gifford, Rob McGough, Dave Rapp, Paul Grewall, Nick Segalle, and Greg Scharer

Rob rappelling ♦

Curtis †

Team geared up †

View across the Kautz Glacier ◊

View at base of Kautz Ice †

Paul and Greg ♣

Nick's Prussiks ♥

Curtis, Dave, Paul, Greg, and Rob at anchor ♥

Nick climbing back to camp ♦

Greg ♣

Camp 2 at 11,000ft ◊

Curtis in a post hole ♣

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Curtis Gifford Photographer

♣ Rob McGough Photographer

♦ Dave Rapp Photographer

◊ Paul Grewall Photographer

♥ Nick Segalle Photographer