Dinosaur Land, Winchester, Virginia, April 11, 2008

Dinosaur Land Sign

False entrance

Entering Dinosaur Land

Nicholas in the Enchanted Forrest

Inside the sharks mouth looking out

Nicholas, Max, and Daddy in the Shark

Another Dinosaur Land Sign

Max on a hill

Vines on the dinosaur

Nicholas and the Dimetron

Nicholas and an oviraptor

Max on a stegosaurus

Nicholas feeding the pachycephalosaurus

Lots of dinos

Nicholas feeding the velociraptor

Battling dinosaurs

Don't climb on the dinosaurs



Midflight snack


with Nicholas

Velociraptor details

Hairy diatryma

Nicholas and a stegasaurus

Another battle

Lots of dinos

A little break

Max and an Ankylosaurus

Parasaurolophus and Giant Cobra

Max, Mommy, and Cobra

Family in giant ape hand

Mommy and the monkey

Max, Daddy with Mylodon

Max and the Mantis

Max and a triceratops

Max and the money

Max and Daddy

Giant Shark

Nicholas, Mommy, and Pterandon

Max, Nicholas, Daddy, and a mammoth


Don't rest there!


Corythosaurus and Mommy

Hugging the Tylosaurus