Snow Fun March 2-4, 2009

Day 1: Snow Party - Max, Nicholas, Carly, Tommy, Julian, Sammy, and Bohdi

Sleding at Carly and Tommy's

Max on the move

Max and Nicholas

Sledding together

Max making a snowball

Buck Island Crew view

Self Portait

Snowball Flight

Hot Cocoa

Swine in the snow

Orchard Hill View

Snow Cows

Farm View

Wendy breaking trail

Max, Nicholas, and Mommy

Nicholas on the tube

Sam, Stein, Bohdi, and Sierra

Max sledding

Julian and Sammy

Max in the puddle

Bottom of the hill

Max and Carly

Evening on the hill

Nicholas and Mommy

Bohdi, Max, and Stein

Day 2: Still going

Making Ice Cream, 03/03/09

Eating it

Day 3: Last Traces of snow

Walking to the hill, 03/04/09

Heading back for more


Shovels of snow fighting

Nicholas on the tube

Snow&Leaf Man